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Rent One Of Those Inflatable Fighting Thingies!

Have you seen one of these before?!Inflatable Joust Rental in Illinois

Pop quiz: what’s it called?  Once you’ve said your answer out loud (just thinking it in your head doesn’t count!), scroll down to find out if you’re right…





It’s called an Inflatable Jousting Arena.  Typically, jousting involves people in armor, riding horses and pointing long, sharp objects at one another.  But since that often ends in the death of one of the participants, it doesn’t seem like a perfect match for your upcoming corporate event or birthday party!

Our Jousting Arena is a safe way for children or adults to display the skills they’ve developed over years of careful practice – skills like standing on a wobbly inflated platform, wearing headgear, and trying to shove another person off of said platform.

And therein lies the fun of this particular inflatable rental – it’s not like anything that your guests get to do in their daily lives!  That’s why it’s one of our most popular party rentals year after year.  No complicated directions, just get up there and start shoving – and laugh until you can’t breathe any more!

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